Subject: Re: VAX ELF toolchain is now self-hosting
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 02/25/2002 20:27:14
Wow, great!

Good work, Matt! I owe you another beer now :-)

-- Ragge

> This weekend I successfully used a VAX ELF system to do
> a VAX ELF netbsd build.  So VAX ELF has achieved the state
> and being able to build itself.
> There are still issues to be dealt before turning the switch:
>     1) add ELF flags for the indicate whether either GFLOAT
>        or DFLOAT, and whether code is NONPIC.
>     2) remove some unneeded RELOCs that are leftover from the
>        m68k code I started from.
>     3) Reworking setjmp/longjmp to be more normal and not
>        unwind the stack restoring registers.
>     4) Make sure DWARF/DWARF2 works (including exception
>        unwinding code).
>     5) Add a.out->ELF transition code in sysinst.
>     6) figure out why awk works @ -O but not -O2
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