Subject: how to use
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 02/24/2002 11:14:22
I have a question about the new toolchain and using I find no man page on it, and see some
undocumented interactions. 

In a previous life, I merely edited my /etc/mk.conf 
file for where I wanted things to go, and did a
make build from /usr/src. Now I understand that the
prefered method is to use ./ in /usr/src.

My question now, is a matter of precedence, what 
overrides what. I have the possibility of entering
parameters on the command line of ./, in
the environment of the shell executing ./, 
or /etc/mk.conf. 

It looks to me that ./ just sets up a script
in the tooldir/bin/nbmake-machine_arch that sets up
some environment strings and exports them. If you have
stuff in /etc/mk.conf it seems to override the 
./ parameters, which is counter intuitive to
in my mind. What is the actual design intention, and
is the build chain working per that intention? Is 
this all documented someplace I haven't found?

My actual trigger on this was trying to do a cross
compile, and finding that my original obj tree and
destination was going to get trashed. Perhaps a person
that knows how things are setup could put that info in
one of the text files in /usr/src, even if the current
situation is transitory. I can see it as very easy for
someone to wipe out an operating machine with files
meant for a different architecture, assuming things 
would follow through as it looked like it was going to.

Thanks for paying attention. I realize that I tend to 
be excessively wordy.

Joseph Sarkes