Subject: Re: borken state of quad/soft float on sparc64
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 02/04/2002 18:50:31
There isn't gonna be an easy fix here then (I went through this one day
with sparc64). The missing function need to be added to libc, libc compiled up
and installed so that floating point programs gcc emits those calls for will
link correctly. Basically at this point the "host compiler is working" is no
longer true due to these library calls. (which is also what bites the sparc64
on perl at the moment).


>On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, James Chacon wrote:
>> -t builds lint1 with your already installed gcc.
>> Is that (your local one) egcs (i.e. the -1.5 version) or gcc 2.95.3? If it's
>> the latter thats your problem since it means your host compiler has library
>> requirements that can't be currently met by your system libraries.
>It's the later. I was able to build the toolchain, and build the world
>with it, until the latest changes to lex and yacc.