Subject: Non "new-toolchain" platforms
To: None <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/27/2002 16:57:17

The following platforms have not yet switched to the new toolchain:

	arm32			acorn32
	arm32			arm32 (SHARK)
	arm32			cats

		All of the "arm32" platforms will be switching to
		the new MACHINE_ARCH of "arm".  All platforms that
		have the MACHINE_ARCH of "arm" are using the new

		acorn32 can switch as soon as the -fshort-enums issue
		has been decided.

		arm32 (SHARK) can switch as soon as a way to load an
		ELF kernel is devised.  Realistically, the MACHINE
		value for this port will also change to "dnard" (the
		directory in the source tree for this already exists).
		We also need to decide the -fshort-enums issue here.

		cats can switch as soon as a way to load an ELF kernel
		is devised and the -fshort-enums issue has been decided.

	sh3el			dreamcast
	sh3eb/sh3el		evbsh3
	sh3el			hpcsh
	sh3eb			mmeye

		All of the SuperH platforms are currently using the
		old COFF toolchain.  We are going to completely deprecate
		the COFF object format in favor of ELF (with no leading
		underscores).  I am slowly making progress on this.  I
		need to apply some bugfixes to the gcc 2.95.3 compiler.
		I will then attempt to build ELF snapshots for these
		platforms and solicit testers.

		I can test dreamcast directly, but will need other
		sh3 folks to step forward so I can test on their

	m68k			amiga

		I don't know the status of this.  Amiga people: please
		hurry up and get this port switched, or at least tell
		me what the hold up is.

	m68k			mac68k

		As far as I know, all the work here has been done.
		There is no reason why this port cannot switch.  Unless
		a mac68k maintainer can give me a good reason why it
		*hasn't* switched, I am going to make new-toolchain
		and ELF the default in a couple of days.

	m68010			sun2

		What's the scoop, here?  When I saw this wasn't
		new-toolchain, I was somewhat surprised.  Is it
		a matter of simple configury stuffs?

	vax			vax

		This is nearly finished.  There is apparently some
		strange reloc bug, however, which Matt Thomas hasn't
		had the chance to track down yet.  Other than that,
		this could switch.

I would strongly encourage those people on the hook for getting a port
switched to ELF/new-toolchain to pick up the pace.  Releng is going to
have a discussion about what to do with non-new-toolchain platforms
(there is some push to be able to cross-build releases).  Certainly,
platforms that have not switched to new-toolchain by the next release
after 1.6 could be left out in the cold (marked as "de-supported").

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>