Subject: Toolchain Status List (17-Dec-2001)
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/17/2001 14:58:00

These status lists are basically down to the level of only nitpicks and
small details, meaning that I feel the new toolchain is sufficiently
selfhosting enough to be considered "complete" from a NetBSD host point of
view.  Only one toolchain PR is open as of this writing (noted below), not
including a low-priority "change-request" that I just added.

This determination does NOT cover various cross-hosting issues or platforms
which are not yet ELF and/or new-toolchain compliant (these issues are
outside of the scope of these updates, and are being handled by various

If you know of an important showstopper issue for the toolchain, please let
me know soon.  Otherwise, this is likely to be the second-to-last update on
the new toolchain progress.


Primarily testing on the fixes for these issues is required now, which is
simply compile-time-consuming.

* Clean up src/sys/lib/*, by creating a Makefile fragment akin to

* Compiler-independent mkdep for use with new toolchain builds, particularly
  for <{prog,lib}.mk>.  Rather than use an intolerant C
  implementation that tries to do odd detection of the host compiler or
  manual parsing of #include directives, I have a very generic
  "cc -E"-and-awk version to be cleaned up and added.

* Create specs entries for using libgcc_pic.a and libgcc_p.a, and use them
  (only if NETBSD_NATIVE, so as not to make out-of-the-box gcc barf); also,
  make use of libgcc_pic.a in <> to make .so libraries
  self-contained rather than depend on a particular version of libgcc.a.

* Break out gcc host tools into their own build directories, making use of
  the new <> to contain the common build components.  This
  solves all the lingering issues about building on multiple host platforms
  for a single target (as well as some parallelism issues).

* Add gasp, gdbserver, gdbreplay, protoize, and unprotoize to native new

* Make v9a the default for gas on sparc64, so the hack in <> can be

* Add -TNF tag to version numbers of GNU tools in native builds, so as to
  distinguish them from FSF versions.  (Requested by FSF.)


Issues which will be investigated shortly:

* PR toolchain/14896 (problem with g++ includes and libstdc++ in gcc

* Bug in the "mkdir -p" emulation in src/ as noted on current-users.

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