Subject: [Mailtag2] Nationwide unlimited dialup internet for only $8.95 per month!
To: None <>
From: Sales Department <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/05/2001 20:47:52
Hello Mailtag user,

For 3 months now has been working on setting up a National
Dialup infrastructure for it's users.  We have had so many requests
this type of service.

Since we want to make you happy, we are now launching our National
Dialup plan for only $8.95 per month!

No frills, no gadgets, just plain old 56K unlimited dialup service to
more than 2400 cities in the US and Canada!

If you would like to sign up for this service, and get activated
immediately, go to:  - You will need your logon
name and password to get into this web page.

If you do not have your logon name, and password, you may make a new
account at, then logon,
and then upgrade to the national dialup access level.

Also, you will notice a brand new look for the logged in member

Come on and sign up and surf the net at most major cities in the US
and some in Canada.  You can even roam, and use a dialup location in
cities when you are on the road, for no additional fee!  Is there a
better price?  We dont think so.

** please note, we only provide the service in 3 month terms.  Have
your credit card ready, we have secure online ordering and upgrade
available to you.  You can have immediate access, please read the


If you would like to remove yourself from our list just go to:  and go to the bottom
of the www site.  Enter in your mailing address that you received this
email at, and it will bring you to your settings page.  In there you
can remove yourself.  If you have forgotten, or lost your password, it
will email you a copy of that as well.

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