Subject: Building a snapshot and awk
To: None <,>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/01/2001 22:17:09
Seems even after the liberal sprinkling of -msoft-quad-float one will still
have issues getting a working awk on sparc64.

The problem is awk does a lot of double -> int conversion internally and
those pass through libgcc routines to do the actual conversions. Some of
these promote to quad math first at which point we'll lose.

So I committed changes to libgcc's Makefile which also forces soft quad float
for sparc64 and added the following to UPDATING:

        In order for a sparc64 build to work you must have a working awk. If
        you've built and installed a system with the new toolchain up to this
        point you do not have a working awk as it's abililty to do floating
        point is broken. 

        To build:

        remake and install gnu/lib/libgcc
        remake and install gnu/usr.bin/gawk into /usr/bin (make sure it links
        against the new libgcc.a)

The reason, is that does presume you've got a working native userland
and anyone building on sparc64 since the new toolchain conversion doesn't
(at least for anything doing double->int conversions like awk).

In any case this still really smells like bad emulation code somewhere for the
actual quad operations as the output'd assembly for these ops otherwise looks