Subject: Re: Toolchain Update (27-Nov-2001)
To: John Darrow <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 11/28/2001 14:07:34
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On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 12:43:12PM -0600, John Darrow wrote:
> The problem is not in the pkgsrc Makefiles themselves, but further in,
> in the third party Makefiles which themselves use BSD make .include
> files as part of their build process.

Ah, yes, because it's an internally-maintained replacement for
aviplay till that gets off its ass again. Perhaps it *should* source I mean, it's not gaining much portability by not doing
so (you still can only build on a NetBSD system).

> These Makefiles have no clue that they're running as part of a pkgsrc
> build, and as such, if pkgsrc is located inside /usr/src, end up
> catching all the tools framework.

It's not necessary to have pkgsrc within /usr/src to see this
problem. Mine is at /usr/pkgsrc.

> I don't have a -current setup to test on, but would a simple
> MAKE_ENV+=3D"BSD_PKG_MK=3D" (or something like that) in, thus
> causing the inner makes' include of mk.conf to also see that it's
> inside a pkgsrc build, fix this problem?

Maybe, but that seems wrong. BSD_PKG_MK implies that has
been sourced (well, actually, it implies that has been
sourced, but that's a separately broken issue).

If BSD_PKG_MK is actually intended to mean "you're in a package
build" not "you've sourced this file", it needs to be renamed. If we
need the current semblance elsewhere, then we need another variable
to mean "you're in a package build", especially in light of the fact
that pkgsrc and the regular source tree both use /etc/mk.conf.

Or, we need pkgsrc to use a separate mk.conf from the source tree.
(I like this option not at all.)

No matter what, the mechanism for delineating between package and
source tree building needs to be documented more clearly. (I just
stumbled upon it.)

Perhaps installing a skeleton /etc/mk.conf (as has been discussed in
the past) is an ever better idea? (Do we do that? I don't think so,
but I haven't used install media any time lately on any port...)

       ~ g r @

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