Subject: build broken on macppc
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 11/15/2001 13:02:49

With sources from right now, in the cleandir step I get:
cleandir ===> distrib/macppc/floppies/ramdisk
nbmake: "/usr/src/share/mk/" line 31: Malformed conditional (${MKSOFTFLOAT} != "no")
nbmake: "/usr/src/share/mk/" line 34: if-less endif
nbmake: "/usr/src/share/mk/" line 34: Need an operator
nbmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

The Makefile there is not including, but does include, and so MKSOFTFLOAT is not set. I'm not sure if we should
just add, or make independent of 

Before that, there were also some non-fatal warnings in
distrib/macppc/floppies/bootfloppy/Makefile about a duplicate
dependall target in line 39 vs. the one in line 302 of,
which makes the one in bootfloppy/Makefile ignored, which can't be the


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