Subject: Re: Toolchain Update (09-Nov-2001 Pt 1)
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 11/09/2001 15:10:47
In message <>, you write: 

-> On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 02:36:12PM -0500, Todd Vierling wrote:
->  > Right.  I have the changes on my review list from source-changes.  From w
-> hat
->  > I remember reading of the diffs you sent me originally, it should be fine
->  > functionally; it just needs to be checked for stylistic things that might
->  > affect contributability to the FSF.
-> Chris Demetriou <> committed NetBSD MIPS changes to
-> binutils-current just a few days ago -- if we make our changes look
-> as close as possible to those, well, then that's less that has to be
-> fed back.

Chris mentioned that a couple of days ago to me, and my 30-second glance
at his commit message to the binutils list said we didn't have any of those
issues in 2.11.2; however, I'll look in some more detail over the weekend
(most of my changes to config stuff were to gcc, not binutils).


Rafal Boni