Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc
To: jchacon <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/23/2001 22:48:47

Let me follow this up real quick with something Jason pointed out to a lot
of us. No one is really commenting on the overall concept of the new toolchain
builds much except to criticize (where I'm just as bad).

The concept behind all of this (the cross tools, the internally self managing
build process, etc) is very cool.

I love the ability to cross build everything from one place with easy support.

I think folks are just getting frustrated when the collatoral damage is
leaking hard around the edges in places. (I know that's my take on things).
But, also take it with a grain of salt when someone commits stuff that fixes
the immediate "it doesn't build for me" rather than worrying about the long 
term asthetics in some areas.

Anyways, great stuff here (it sure made upgrading my macpcc from 1.5.2 to
-current a snap in the end).


>>: I can agree this should be better laid out long term, but opening everyone
>>: who builds trees right now up to these pitfalls rather than doing it after
>>: those Makefiles are fixed makes no sense.
>>I can't guarantee Right Now that it all works; it worked on one arch but
>>broke on another.  However, we need to move further forward, and I am about
>>to check that there is no similar breakage in distrib on other ports.
>>In short, "this will be fixed in distrib/, not src/Makefile", and yes, I'm
>>fixing the durned things.  I already did for sparc, which was reported; it
>>was at that point that I noted a need to check the other ports for same.
>So all the other ports have been checked/fixed? The reason I removed distrib
>was on macppc...It was trying to make includes in here which makes zero sense
>That's the point. As it currently stands it breaks ports from building (or even
>getting started if it breaks in includes). Until those have all been checked
>it should be removed/null'd out from descending.