Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/23/2001 21:38:38
On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, James Chacon wrote:

: Neither distrib or etc should be descended to on a build unless explictly
: asked to. Now your assuming that anytime a rules change in bsd.*.mk which
: may change internal rule names in some way will be propoaged to etc and
: distrib.  I guess whomever is doing that will "remember" to come to
: etc/distrib and fix it here when that happens.

The Makefiles should pull in one of the standard <bsd.*.mk> files that
define all of the ${TARGETS} -- <> is adequate, which the sparc
distrib was using when I fixed it, but <> with NOPROG= set is
better since you automagically get objdir support and etc.

If this policy is followed, there is no need to "fix" it again in the
future, since you get all the targets defined automatically.  Fixing these
now will keep these Makefiles more standardized, and will keep them working
in the future.

: The last I want is a build descending into etc when I don't have DESTDIR
: set and some rule in there torching part of my system's real /etc because
: the null rules in there aren't "quite right"...

The null rules should be supplied by a <bsd.*.mk> file, period.  There's no
reason to litter a Makefile with all of the ${TARGETS} as null rules.  It's
*much* better to get these Makefiles to leverage the standard generic build

: Plus it's much more effecient to not descend into dirs that are only going
: to be used on a make release (and even then distrib is only walked by the
: make inside of etc's Makefile)...

They won't all be used only on "make release" in the future.  Some of that
Makefile goop I am intending to unwind to make it less tricky, after
discussing some of it on tech-toolchain.

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