Subject: Re: sparc tools build lossage.
To: matthew green <>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/21/2001 20:23:18
>>>>> matthew green writes:

matthew> true
matthew> /usr/src/tools/toolchain/../../gnu/dist/toolchain/ld/ldlex.l
matthew> && mv lex.yy.c
matthew> /usr/src/tools/toolchain/../../gnu/dist/toolchain/ld/ldlex.c
matthew> mv: rename lex.yy.c to
matthew> /usr/src/tools/toolchain/../../gnu/dist/toolchain/ld/ldlex.c:
matthew> No such file or directory *** Error code 1 [ ... ]

matthew> obviously `true' isn't going to generate lex.yy.c, but why is
matthew> this rule being run at all?

I saw this too, and it was caused by "ldlex.l" being newer than
"ldlex.[hc]" in .../gnu/dist/toolchain/ld/.

I think using LEX=true and having the already lex'ed file in CVS is
probably a good idea, considering cross compiling and stuff, but
obviously the "mv lex.yy.c ..." part of the lexer make rule needs to
nulled out somehow too.


        -- Urban