Subject: Re: issues.
To: matthew green <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/21/2001 10:31:23
On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, matthew green wrote:

: this looks quite useful overall.  couple of problems:
: 	- uses `mkdir -p' which isn't portable

OK, I'll add a sh function to do the equivalent.

: 	- " -m sparc64" seems to be unable to build a 32 bit
: 	sparc64 system (MACHINE=sparc64, MACHINE_ARCH=sparc) as the
: 	"-m sparc64" will cause MACHINE_ARCH to be set to sparc64
: 	unconditionally.

You can set MACHINE and MACHINE_ARCH in the environment rather than via "-m"
for one-off configurations.  "-m" is designed to specify a MACHINE to build
with its default MACHINE_ARCH only (it's a shortcut option).

: it would also be cool if did something about objdirs for
: you...

Set MKOBJDIRS=yes in /etc/mk.conf (or wherever MAKECONF is set to in the
environment).  This is part of "make build"....

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