Subject: binary sets and USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN
To: None <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/17/2001 03:20:50
The sets currently break if you try and build a snapshot with USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN
turned on. Mainly just minor file changes between the new and old toolchain in

Todd's original idea/suggestion here was to move the conflicting bits out
to the md files. i.e. x86 and sparc64 get the new bits and everything else
gets the old bits. 

This turns out in practice to be a major pain to maintain. So as a temporary
work around until all platforms convert to the new toolchain I think the
following will work:

1. Move all new toolchain bits into <set>/tc.mi

2. Move all deleted toolchain bits into <set>/tc.old 

3. Change makeflists to check for USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN being on and pull in 
   either the mi file (for the on case) and tc.old for all other platforms.

The main advantage here is that it's easy to see in one place which bits got
added/deleted between the 2 toolchain areas (and I caught a few minor missed
files this way). Once the toolchain is completely cutover the tc.old files
can be converted into the obsolete files and the tc.mi files can go back into
their respective mi files.