Subject: Toolchain status list
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/03/2001 16:56:55
I've been requested to post a status list of the pending issues on the


Tasks currently in work, which should show commits for fixes shortly:

 - Fix ld(1) rpath/rpath-link problem (pr 14114)

 - Fix DESTDIR tools/toolchain build botch (pr 14079)

 - Fix build botch (current-users)

 - Fix xsrc not to use /usr/libexec/cpp (current-users)
   (partly done; need additional fix noted by veego for bootstrap imake)

 - Fix "make clean"/"make cleandir" breakage (pr 14112, current-users)


Still pending on my personal to-do list, highest priority first:

 - Fix gcc/bfd/ld on alpha to use our current (historic) PLT format and
   nop/unop sequence properly

 - Fix system make parallelism (tech-toolchain)

 - Fix automatic kernel builds from "make release" on some platforms

 - Finish top level make(1) bootstrap for vendor makes or old NetBSD make(1)

 - Fix pathnames that are invalid on Winblows (Cygwin) hosts ("aux",
   "com1.c", etc.)

 - Create tools build procedure for other tools needed on non-NetBSD hosts
   (and verify buildability on Cygwin, Solaris/x86, and Linux)

 - Create somewhat better strategy for "cleandir" in tools

 - Open discussion on possible default, better handling of TOOLDIR

 - Find workaround for double math issues on sparc64 (pr 14095)

 - Port forward changes to gcc 3.0.x and gcc-current
   (may create CVS tree for collaborative merge work)

 - Submit patches for all active gcc branches to FSF

 - Investigate why the "new" nop/unop sequence on alpha gives us pipeline
   caching issues (this has been an issue since binutils 2.9.x)


Lastly, the following tasks are important but are blocked because I'm
focusing on the issues above -- help would be appreciated:

 - Create cross capable mklocale (current-users, "LC_CTYPE not installed")

 - Fix ld.elf_so to work with newer MP-safe PLT format on alpha
   (and change gcc/bfd/ld to use it on systems that are capable)

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