Subject: gcc vs elf [was Re: hi]
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/29/2001 22:55:49
> Subject: hi

More informative subject lines would help.  I nearly tossed this
message as spam, but (fortunately) unpacked it first.  A descriptive
Subject: header would have made me much less predisposed to take it as

> SEkNCkkgaGF2ZSBhIHF1ZXN0aW9uLg0Kd2Ugc2VsZWN0ZWQgbmV0YnNkMS41LjEgYXMgb3Mgb2Yg
> b3VyIHByb2plY3QNCnRoaXMgb3MgdXNlIGVsZiBmb3JtYXQgYnkgZGVmYXVsdA0Kd2hlbiBpIGJ1
> aWx0IGdjYywgZm9ybWF0IGVycm9yIHdhcyBoYXBwZW5lZA0KdGhlIGVycm9yIGlzIHRoYXQgdGhp
> cyBnY2MgZG9uJ3Qgc3VwcG9ydCBlbGYgZm9ybWF0DQphbmQgaSBjYW4ndCBmaW5kIGFueSBvcHRp
> b24gb3IgZGVzY3JpcHRpb24gaW4gUkVBRE1FIG9yIElOU1RBTEwgZmlsZQ0KaXMgdGhpcyB0cnVl
> Pw0KSWYgaXN0J3MgZmFsc2UsIHdoYXQncyB0aGUgdmVyc2lvbiBzdXBwb3J0aW5nIGVsZiBmb3Jt
> YXQ/DQp0aGFua3lvdQ0KZnJvbSB5b25nanUNCiANCg==

Please try not to use base64 for things which have absolutely no need
of it (like this, which is plain ASCII text).

I'm not entirely clear what the problem is.  NetBSD - even as recent as
1.5.1 - comes with gcc already, and it doesn't have any trouble using
ELF, at least on ports that have switched to ELF.  Why not simply use
what ships with the OS?  In any case, not that I'm a toolchain wizard,
but I can't see what anyone can do without knowing what gcc version
you're trying to build, on what architecture, and what error you get
when (exactly, as in cut-and-paste the error and some context, not as
in "it says it doesn't support elf").

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