Subject: ansi.h merger
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/28/2001 04:04:45
Since we're in the process of switching to a new toolchain, this
would be a good time to merge all the different ports' ansi.h
files so we can actually make everything lint clean.  Without
this, trying to clean things for one port will break it for 

Right now, it looks like the only ports that are 64-bit clean
are alpha, sparc64, x86_64, and sparc, although vax is pretty
close (it has a long time_t).  All the others will have problems
if they ever try to switch run on a 64-bit cpus (mips and are
the ones that immediately come to mind) they will need to go
through these changes anyway.

So, in order to fix the lint issue once and for all, I would
like to dump the contents of machine/ansi.h into sys/ansi.h,
and get rid of machine/ansi.h as ports convert over to 2.95.3.