Subject: softfloat on powerpc and va_arg
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/15/2001 23:49:52
I've tracked down a problem with stdargs and softfloat on powerpc to
the va_arg macro in <powerpc/stdarg.h> expecting floats & doubles to
be in the standard floating point register locations of the argument
storage area instead of the general purpose register locations as they
are when compiled with -msoft-float.

The original gcc va-ppc.h header copes with this by checking for the
_SOFT_FLOAT define and changing where to look for floating point values

So, to fix this I'd like to add

	%{msoft-float: -D_SOFT_FLOAT}

to the CPP_SPEC for NetBSD, and check this and do the right thing in
<powerpc/stdarg.>.  This is the same as the sysv powerpc behaviour.
Any objections to this?

Simon Burge                            <>
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