Subject: ABI for NetBSD/macppc?
To: None <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/04/2000 15:32:42
I already posted this message to port-macppc, but I had no answer. I
wonder if this mailing list is not a better place (please apologies if

On NetBSD/macppc, as far as I know, there is currently no way to run a
java program. This is a problem, and I started looking at a possibility
to port the Kaffe JVM to NetBSD/PowerPC.

There is some stuff in Kaffe that is both processor and OS dependant,
especially a macro named "stack pointer offset". Because I don't know
what this is about, I asked the person that did Kaffe for Linux/PowerPC
and AIX/PowerPC, and it seems we need to know a few thing to do the

- Does NetBSD/powerpc follows sys v ABI?
- If not, what is the specification of the ABI? calling convention,
reserved register, register used as stack pointer, and so on.
- How parameters are passed to functions (in register vs on stack, if in
registers, which one?)

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