Subject: Re: Possible bug in arm32 strongarm optimisations.
To: Richard Earnshaw <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 11/13/2000 18:40:50
On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> Ah!  Makes more sense now (and I also note I made a small mistake in my
> reply, since -mcpu doesn't accept an architecture name).  It's better to
> use the name of the CPU architecture with the -march flag than the -mcpu
> flag.  Think of
>    -mcpu=foo
> as being short-hand for
>    -march=archof<foo> -mtune=foo
> So what you have above is, in effect, two -mtune options.
> So in this case you want
>    -march=armv3m -mtune=strongarm
> Hope this is all clearer now,

	Clearer and config files updated to match - thanks :)

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