Subject: re: a patch for dynamic a.out support in binutils
To: Matthew Fredette <fredette@MIT.EDU>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/04/2000 00:56:32
   I did download 2.10 a week or so ago, but didn't look at it very much,
   as I had a good thing going and wanted to finish it.  Assuming that
   2.10 has all of the fixes to the 2.9.1 found in the NetBSD 1.4 tree,
   I'll take a closer look at it now that I've reached this point.

"don't bet on it."  eg, the sparc64 & sparcelf support was only recently
submitted to binutils and didn't quite make it in in time for 2.10 (but
i am told it will be in 2.10.1).  changes we make to binutils need to be
sent back and that require the author of he changes do so.... and
sometimes this process is not followed.