Subject: Request for comment: moving texinfo build
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/26/2000 13:46:27
I have imported gcc-2.95.2 into src/gnu/dist/toolchain in the beginning of
effort to give the toolchain a significant facelift.  Included with it is
texinfo (which happens to be the same version in src/gnu/dist/texinfo).  
It's there in the gcc distribution because a build of gcc with GNU
`configure', as in the use of a cross-compiler, uses it to build

I'd like to just point the build of src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo to the stuff
imported from gcc, and remove the old texinfo files in the name of disk
space.  My assumption based on this model is that if we were to import a
newer, incompatible texinfo, that it would be located (again) at
src/gnu/dist/texinfo, outside the toolchain tree.

Others suggested that I change gcc's configuration (which appears to mean
changing two's and one configure{,.in} pair) to point to the
texinfo directory one level up and remove the src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo
directory instead.  While this does help the upgrade situation, it does mean
adding hooks to the gcc build that will `never' go back to the gcc
maintainers, which I'm not too happy with.  It also means that the
`toolchain' directory cannot be extracted and used for cross compiler builds
by itself.

And, based on that last one, if I comment out building of the .info
files in the GNU build structure--something which also can't be sent back to
the gcc maintainers, of course--the `toolchain' tree would be usable without
external components again, and toolchain/texinfo can be nuked.

I'm looking for opinions, which don't have to go to a mailing list (to
reduce bandwidth).  A summary:

1. use src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo until texinfo has a major upgrade
   (and remove src/gnu/dist/texinfo)

2. use src/gnu/dist/texinfo with hooks from toolchain
   (and remove src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo)

3. comment out building of the .info files in src/gnu/dist/toolchain/gcc/Make*
   (and remove src/gnu/dist/toolchain/texinfo)

-- Todd Vierling (