Subject: Re: i386/ELF stabs
To: None <>
From: Jim Howard <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/13/2000 20:41:33
> I think I've tracked this down in the gcc source tree.  Through a long
> chain of embedded #includes starting in <config/sparc/netbsdelf.h>,
> the Sparc gcc build eventually sees <config/svr4.h>, which has -- hidden
> among a lot of other things -- these #defines:
>    ASM_OUTPUT_SOURCE_LINE()      <--  makes the N_SLINEs relative

...and this appears to be fixed already in -current (as of 6/20, at
least), in <config/i386/netbsd-elf.h>.

Since -current is stated to track 1.5_ALPHA, it's undoubtedly fixed
there too.

I do wander in at odd moments.  But at least this completes the thread
in this list, in case someone else wanders in.

As for "Charlie Root":  I've been tinkering with xmh, of all things,
which chokes on empty mail folders.  Turns out, it calls XtRealloc()
with size=0, which causes a fatal error.  So I've been testing my fix
for that, but haven't figured out how to get it to supply a reasonable
"From:" line automatically, since my e-mail user name is not my system
login user name.

There is no end to it....

--Jim Howard  <>