Subject: Re: $STRIP or $STRIPPROG (Re: CVS commit: sharesrc)
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/18/2000 17:18:28
>The kernel Makefiles set "STRIPFLAGS=-d", but -d is only supported
>by the old Berkeley strip and our in-tree GNU strip. Now all ports
>use GNU binutils strip so I think it is OK to change STRIPFLAGS
>in the kernel Makefiles to -g for cross-compiling.

really?  the new binutils?  where strip has the -o option?  that
sounds great!  so can we please replace the part of Makefile.arch (in
/sys/arch/{arch}/conf/Makefile.{arch}) that says:

		echo cp $@ $@.gdb; rm -f $@.gdb; cp $@ $@.gdb; \


		echo mv $@ $@.gdb; rm -f $@.gdb; mv $@ $@.gdb; \
		echo ${STRIP} ${STRIPFLAGS} $@; \
			${STRIP} ${STRIPFLAGS} -o $@ $@.gdb

because that's much faster on slow machines (because you don't have to
waste time copying large files).

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