Subject: Re: Current Doesn't Build on Sparc
To: NetBSD Sparc Users <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/13/1999 04:01:11
On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Curt Sampson wrote:

> /export/build/current/install.domestic/usr/lib/libc.a(gethnamaddr.o): In function `_gethtbyname':
> gethnamaddr.o(.text+0xf3c): multiple definition of `_gethtbyname'
> libhack.o(.text+0x1778): first defined here

I've looked a little further at this, I can't figure out why, since
_gethtbyname is in libhack.o, the linker is also including
gethnamaddr.o from libc.a in the link. There appear to be no symbols
provided in gethnamaddr.o that are necessary to the link; the only
ones it has that are referenced are already provided by libhack.o

Anybody know what's going on here? Could it be that my linker is
too old or something like that? The machine I'm building on is
using a snapshot several months old.

I've bcc'd this to tech-toolchain.

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