Subject: Problems building "gimp-current" on an ELF system
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/04/1999 21:28:22

[This message got sent to "" with intention because
 it is about a toolchain and not a package system problem.]

on an ELF system (1.4P on i386) here "gimp-current" dies with this message
during startup:

/usr/X11R6/lib/gimp/1.1/modules/ Undefined PLT symbol "gimp_color_selector_register" (reloc type = 7, symnum = 6)

The problem is obviously that plug-ins can't find the symbols of the main
program. This is caused by the removal of these libtool options in

-export-dynamic -export-symbols $(srcdir)/gimp.sym

Our "pkglibtool" doesn't know about "-export-symbols" at all and using
"-export-dynamic" leads to this error while linking "gimp":

.libs/gimpS.o(.data+0x22a0): undefined reference to `gimp_palette_get_background'
.libs/gimpS.o(.data+0x22a8): undefined reference to `gimp_palette_get_foreground'
../libgimp/libgimpi.a(gimpcolorbutton.o): In function `gimp_color_button_use_fg':
gimpcolorbutton.o(.text+0xdba): undefined reference to `gimp_palette_get_foreground'
../libgimp/libgimpi.a(gimpcolorbutton.o): In function `gimp_color_button_use_bg':
gimpcolorbutton.o(.text+0xe36): undefined reference to `gimp_palette_get_background'

These symbols are defined in the "gimpui" and "gimp" shared libraries. Adding
them to the list of libraries leads to another problem:

../libgimp/.libs/ undefined reference to `PLUG_IN_INFO'

"PLUG_IN_INFO" is a symbol defined in e.g. plug-in's shared object. Now
I'm stuck. What are the correct linker options to handle this on ELF?

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler