Subject: Re: -nostdlib and cross packages
To: Castor Fu <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/06/1999 09:42:04
On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Castor Fu wrote:

: I'm trying to conform and use the cross packages for
: cross compiling on NetBSD instead of my home grown stuff and have 
: come across two problems so far.

I know.  I'm in "move mode" right now, but if you can wait until Wednesday
the 14th, I should have the time to update and fix up the cross pkgs.  They
are currently explicitly disabled in the recursive-directory Makefiles.

: 1.  -nostdlib is not supported in the version of GNU ld which
: 	it builds.  I have a set of patches which I think
: 	work.

The ld in src/gnu/dist works with -nostdlib.  When I do the major update
I'll re-roll the binutils diffs to make it up-to-date with src/gnu/dist.

: 2.  The exclude mechanism seems to break some of GNU tar's option
: 	processing.

This will probably be changed to use pax.  (This used to work before some of
the extract option handling changed.)

-- Todd Vierling (