Subject: Re: xsrc make
To: John Darrow <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 04/07/1999 21:19:21
John Darrow wrote:

> > I've just built the pmax X sets, and DESTDIR was honored as far as
> > installation only.  Includes and libraries came from the normal places.
> > A while ago, Luke Mewburn hacked up BSD-style makefiles for XFree86 that
> > worked like a charm.  Whether or not that's maintainable over the long
> > term is another question :-)
> > Simon.
> Hmm... Did you have DESTDIR set on the command line, in the environment,
> or in /etc/mk.conf?  If I remember correctly, I believe that, if either
> of the former, it should work without my changes, but since the xsrc
> Makefiles don't pull in mk.conf, you'd either have to include that (and
> any other cruft it may contain), or pass in DESTDIR explicitly from a
> parent make...

I always use DESTDIR in the environment...

> I'd love to see BSD-style makefiles for X, I absolutely _hate_ dealing
> with imake... and being able to cross-build X would be quite a kick,
> too...

If there's some interest in this, I'm sure between Luke and myself we
could resurrect (and maintain for NetBSD) the project.