Subject: re: EGCS on mips stable?
To: Castor Fu <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/25/1998 13:55:03
[cc'ed to tech-toolchain]

Castor Fu wrote:

>I recently imported current into our cross development tree, and 
>tried to move our compilers forward to the same version of egcs as
>in current, and am getting an internal compiler error in a few places.
>Do people see this in native builds?  I've sent in a report to egcs-bugs,
>but have not heard anything back.  Trying this on the latest egcs snapshot
>also fails.
>Here's an example of the code which kills it.
>	Regards,
>	Castor
>	struct biggy {
>		char	buf[32800];	/* len further than 16 bit offset */
>		char    len  [10 ];
>	};
>	static
>	void f ( struct biggy * s, int v)
>	{
>		 s->len[v] = 13 ;
>	}


I think the answer is probably "no". I was approaching cutting over to
egcs for my own pmax builds, but Todd Vierling suggested it might not
be stable, plus there were enough problems with other ports that using
egcs ``by default'' was backed out. So I didnt actually compile
anything _with_ egcs, just got it to the point where the comiler would

I havent looked at this since, so I'm cc'ing to tech-toolchain:
someone there may have more up-to-date info about egcs on mips.

Is the above snippet derived code in netbsd's tree, or proprietary
code of your own?

Maybe its worth sending a test-case like the above as a PR, just so's
its in our own database and so we at least have the option to
regression-tes it, at least for the next egcs import -- in case your
own bugreports are ont in the egcs database for that version.
I dunno, though: see what Todd Vierling says.