Subject: 25-Aug Toolchain Update
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/25/1998 11:10:20
Well, it's been a week and the egcs changes have been going well.

As before, please do not submit PR's on egcs just yet, as it's known not to
work in several places.  But a post to would be

This status report reflects the state as it sits in NetBSD-current as of
this message, so it may be until the next supscan for all sources to be
available via sup.


- egcs issues warnings about "ambiguous braces" on nested if statements.
  These should be fixed in the NetBSD sources.  KNF needs to be updated
  to reflect this change.


- Haifa scheduler:  Available, working and set by default on alpha, powerpc,
  and sparc.  You can build egcs with the newer Haifa instruction scheduler
  by setting USE_EGCS_HAIFA in /etc/mk.conf.  Only the three given platforms
  have received Cygnus's blessing for Haifa; other platforms are either
  experimental or completely broken.

- alpha: Working.

- arm32: Working except for some problems compiling
  libc/arch/arm32/softfloat.c properly.  I have some patches that will go in
  as soon as I have a working arm32 /usr again.  :)

- i386: Working, reported by <> and verified by me.  Did
  see some bootstrap warn strangeness around cexp.c; it went away on the
  second stage compile.

- m68k: Partly working, reported by <> and <>.
  Has a bad codegen problem on libc's vfprintf.c which causes it to
  break; I am putting together a testcase to demonstrate the problem easily
  for Cygnus.

- mips[el]: In testing.

- mipseb: Not yet set up.  Some diffs need to go in for this, which I have.

- ns32k: Working, reported by <>.

- powerpc: Working, reported by <>.

- sparc: Working, but REQUIRES a fix for a null pointer bug in the old gas
  assembler in order to compile -fPIC code.  The src/gnu/usr.bin/gas tree
  in -current has the fix, or a 1.3.x and higher binary is available from - install into "/usr/bin/as".

- vax: Set up but not yet tested.  I need volunteer(s).


- libgcc: Working (now in src/gnu/lib/libgcc).

- libf2c (libg2c): Partly working (now in src/gnu/lib/libg2c).  Needs some
  rigorous testing and LP64 fixing.

- libobjc: Working (now in src/gnu/lib/libobjc).

- libstdc++: Imported, but Makefiles not yet set up.

===== OTHER TASKS =====

- Add kristerw's gas/bfd additions: not yet done.

- Import binutils 2.9.1: not yet done.

- Import gdb 4.17: not yet done.

- Update recursive-directory scripts: not yet done.

- Make tree useable for a host other than NetBSD: not yet done.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.