Subject: Re: EGCS 1.1 UPDATE rev. 6 / bad newlines on m(ac)68k
To: Bernd Ernesti <>
From: Erik Bertelsen <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/24/1998 08:06:23
On Sun, Aug 23, 1998 at 02:08:12PM +0200, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> I got the same problem an the amiga. Where the ctrl/b's are 0x2f.
> It seems that there is a code gen problem in src/lib/libc/stdio/vfprintf.c.
> The problem is gone after i compiled vfprintf.o,vfprintf.po and
> with -O0.

Yup -- compiling vfprintf.c with -O0 made my problem go away as well.

I'm now (mac68k) running with sources sup'ed as of yesterday (Sunday),
and a freshly rebuilt egcs, kernel, /usr/src/lib/..., and /usr/src/bin,
built and installed in the named sequence. (and my pre-egcs /bin saved in /bin2).

It seems to be working, but I wonder what else may be broken just waiting
to show its ugly head somewhere else.

In the meantime I continue rebuilding things, but I'll probably refrain
from too many make installs. Getting old kernels and /bin/ programs back
is easy, but maybe I was too quick about installing the egcs-built libc :-)

Erik Bertelsen