Subject: EGCS 1.1 UPDATE rev. 6
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/21/1998 14:15:43
As before, please do not submit PR's on egcs just yet, as it's known not to
work in several places.  But a post to would be

This status report reflects the state as it sits in NetBSD-current as of
this message, so it may be until the next supscan for all sources to be
available via sup.


These problems are known, and "working" below does not infer that they are

- egcs will sometimes issue "uninitialized" warnings when it shouldn't.
  This has been worked around in the current sources, and is a known egcs
  bug not severe enough to be fixed in 1.1.  For now, "-Wall" does not
  imply "-Wuninitialized".

- egcs issues warnings about "ambiguous braces" on nested if statements.
  These should be fixed in the NetBSD sources.


- Haifa scheduler:  Available, working and set by default on alpha, powerpc,
  and sparc.  You can build egcs with the newer Haifa instruction scheduler
  by setting USE_EGCS_HAIFA in /etc/mk.conf.  Only the three given platforms
  have received Cygnus's blessing for Haifa.

- alpha: Working.

- arm32: Working except for some problems compiling
  libc/arch/arm32/softfloat.c properly.  This will be hacked around this

- i386: Working, reported by <>.

- m68k: Set up but not yet tested.  I need volunteer(s).

- mips[el]: In testing.

- mipseb: Not yet set up.  Some diffs need to go in for this.

- ns32k: Compiles, reported by <>.  He is currently
  testing builds with it.

- powerpc: Working, reported by <>.

- sparc: Working, but REQUIRES a fix for a null pointer bug in the old gas
  assembler in order to compile -fPIC code.  The src/gnu/usr.bin/gas tree
  in -current has the fix, or a 1.3.x and higher binary is available from - install into "/usr/bin/as".

- vax: Set up but not yet tested.  I need volunteer(s).


- libgcc: Working (now in src/gnu/lib/libgcc).

- libf2c (libg2c): Partly working (now in src/gnu/lib/libg2c).  Needs some
  rigorous testing and LP64 fixing.

- libobjc: Working (now in src/gnu/lib/libobjc).

- libstdc++: Not yet set up.  `This weekend.'

===== OTHER TASKS =====

- Make tree useable for a host other than NetBSD: not yet done.

- Import binutils 2.9.1: not yet done.

- Import gdb 4.17: not yet done.

- Update recursive-directory scripts: not yet done.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.