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List: tech-toolchain
Date: 06/03/1998 17:00:35
I'd guess this would be at least the second inquiry on this point.

How does (the runtime linker, source tree
/usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/ld/rtld) get built without a conflict between
its built-in malloc functions and those in libc_pic.a?

Trying to build in isolation, the only way I've succeeded is
to build a special libc_pic.a without malloc functions, and refer to
that locally for the build!  Otherwise, ld complains about
multiple definitions for the malloc functions and aborts the link.

I gather this has to do with the -Bsymbolic option, which must be
used.  But how is this nifty little conundrum avoided, to build for the distributions?!?

I did rebuild the C library previously -- to put an alternative
malloc in it, ironically enough.  It works fine, of course.  But I
didn't tamper with the build procedure for that, and I struggle to
imagine how that could impact this, even if I had....

I'm running 1.2/i386.


--Jim Howard  <>

Date: 03-Jun-98
Time: 17:00:35

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