Subject: 1.3 SPARC secr set available, and gcc bugs
To: None <tech-toolchain@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Todd Vierling <tv@NetBSD.ORG>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/09/1998 09:09:23
I've finally prepared a working, non-1.3A-library, secr set for sparc and it
is being uploaded to  (Paul, please pick it up
no earlier than 30 minutes from now and put it in Its Place.)  I found out
why it was building against my system's 1.3A libraries, and this is a
severe, multifaceted problem. 

When DESTDIR is set, cc is passed the '-nostdlib' option to make ld search
only the -L library paths on the command line.  Problem is, this option is
never passed to ld, and ld ends up getting libc from /usr/lib anyway.  I'm
not quite sure why ld puts the preference of /usr/lib first, but this needs
to be fixed.  (The .mk files don't even set -nostdlib on a shared library
creation with DESTDIR set, nor do they specify -L/path/to/libdir.  These
options should end up passed both to cc _and_ ld.) 

On a sidenote, where is gcc's `specs' file?  Does our gcc not use one? 
That's a useful file to tweak, even if empty by default.  I'll see if I can
make a reasonable patch to the in-tree gcc to have it deliberately look for
/usr/libdata/specs as the default specs file (it currently searches for
/usr/libexec/NetBSD/specs, and a couple other weird paths).  We _should_
ship with a real `specs' file to allow tweaking by the end user.

Additionally, does not honor LD_NOSTD_PATH at all.  I tried setting
this to test binaries against my DESTDIR tree, and it still wound up
searching for libs in /usr/lib.  Huh!?  I ended up having to rename my 1.3A so that it would force all binaries to see (and test against) an
earlier libc.  Same goes for setting both LD_NOSTD_PATH _and_

And, why in the world does the cc command line include crt0.o in a DESTDIR
build?  Does -nostdlib imply -nostartfiles in our gcc?  It appears to link
properly, but shouldn't finding crt0 be an internal function of gcc, or its
specs file, unless -nostartfiles is specified? 

Oh, the woes of the GNU.  I'm going to see how many of these problems I can
quickly and reasonably fix.

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