Subject: Re: Help with cross-compiler -- port-hp700
To: Chad Mynhier <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 04/08/1997 10:27:13
On Tue, 08 Apr 1997 10:33:04 -0400 
 Chad Mynhier <> wrote:

 > 	I'm trying to get a cross-compiler built for the as-yet-nonexistent
 > hp700 port of NetBSD.  Would someone out there be willing to help me 
 > figure out a few things with binutils?  The problems I'm having are in the 
 > gas subdirectory.  The file gas/config/tc-hppa.c was written with SOM and
 > ELF in mind, and I need to make it aware of a.out.
 > 	At least, I _think_ that's what I need to do.  Are there any plans 
 > in the works to move NetBSD to ELF that would make it desirable to go that
 > route?  (If I'm demonstrating extreme ignorance, feel free to educate me.)

You really ought to be using ELF.  The MIPS and Alpha ports use ELF now,
and I hope to have ELF for the m68k ready for expermentation in a couple
of months (it's not high on my list, but it's on there...)

Look at the Alpha port for the canonical example of how to do ELF in the
tree (the MIPS port also does it, but is a little more confusing with the
arch/mips/include factor :-)

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