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Re: status of NetBSD SMP support

On Mon, Aug 08, 2016 at 08:14:50AM +0530, Cherry G. Mathew wrote:
 > > The cores are coming! The cores are coming!
 > >
 > > The next round of Intel Xeon chips have core-counts in tens. UltraSPARC
 > > Niagara (T1, T2, et alia) have had lots of cores for quite some years.
 > > Multicore ARMs are in all mid-to-high-end smartphones & tablet computers.
 > >
 > > Can the NetBSD kernel use them all efficiently & effectively?
 > >
 > > Have the user land applications which can be parallelized been
 > > parallelized?
 > >
 > > What is the current status of NetBSD SMP system support? Which kernel
 > > subsystems still need work, and which are done?
 > Bit late reply, but we have had support for upto 256 CPUs for ages now.
 > I don't know much about userland though.

Last I remember anyone reporting hard results, the scaling worked to
~16 but not to ~32 and the uvm page queue lock was the chief culprit.
Dunno what if anything's been done about that...

David A. Holland

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