Subject: Re: hyperthreading on 2.0; no way to get it to work with my hardware.
To: Peter O'Kane <>
From: okay_awright <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 01/01/2005 06:54:40

i'll try to do so (check if windows does correctly enable=20
hyperthreading) as fast as i can but it only means, and at best, next=20
week end.

i'll keep you informed.

NB: Is contacting Asus technical assistance will be worth the effort (i=20
only mean notifying them of this issue -with a copy of your answers-=20
because they won't do much of course)? I guess no but...

happy 2005 everyone

Peter O'Kane a =E9crit :
>> From the dmesg I see that the boot processor appears at apid 0 and the=
> ioapic at apid 1. As far as I know the lsb of the apid id distinguishes=
> the two logical processors in a HT physical processor. Therefore your=20
> processors will be at apids 0 and 1, and your ioapic is also at 1. This=
> certainly does not fit with my reading of the Intel docs. If you can,=20
> check whether or not Windows sees the second processor. If Windows does=
> see it then we need to look very hard at how we address processor apics=
> there is no way that physical apic addresses can work if both a=20
> processor and an ioapic are at the same apid.
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