Subject: RE: Intel L440GX+ and SMP config
To: 'MINOURA Makoto' <>
From: bob <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 05/07/2003 10:21:42
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Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 9:18 PM
Subject: Re: Intel L440GX+ and SMP config

Hmm. I'm running NetBSD-current (1.6R) on the same board
with 2 PentiumIII's.  MPBIOS enabled and MPACPI disabled.
The BIOS version is 14.3.

Note with MPACPI it stalls at `cpu1: CPU 0 running'.

Minoura Makoto <>

Yep, we're running the same board, but you have a later version than I
I can't tell you the BIOS revision I'm running because I'm at work now,
but I doubt it's 14.3.  When I first got the board awhile back, I found
in Intel's BIOS release notes, which led me to believe I couldn't run
Because my board's PBA and AA #'s are less than those shown below, am I
In thinking this?  They seem to contradict themselves with the second
and third

Intel's Notes:
These notes apply to L440GX+ Production BIOS version 9.1 and later:

- L440GX+ Production BIOS 9.1 and later can be used on all L440GX+
server boards.

However, BIOS support for the Pentium(r) III 550E and 600E MHz and
processors can only be used on L440GX+ boards that have a PBA# of
and greater or an AA# of 721242-008 and greater. 

Intel Pentium(r) III 550E and 600E MHz and faster processors are not
on L440GX+ boards with PBA and AA numbers previous to those listed.  

Intel Pentium(r)III processors upto and including 600 MHz(no 'E') can be
used on all L440GX+ boards.

- Only L440GX+ server boards having a PBA 704293-801 and later or AA
and later will support 1 GHz Pentium III processors.