Subject: Re: Anyone building latest 1.6 SMP?
To: D.J. Rudie <>
From: Ian Hinds <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 07/07/2002 09:58:56
From: "D.J. Rudie" <>
> Quoting Michael Graff <>:
> > Jason R Thorpe <> writes:
> > > Both machines are Tyan "Guinness" boards with 2 1.5GHz Athlons and
> > > the AMD 762 chipset (and dual on-board 3Com 3c980 10/100 Ethernet!).
> >
> > ftp has the Tyan Thunder motherboard, I think.  The funky one that
> > takes a special power supply, but has 45 degree memory slots so it
> > will eventually fit in a 1U if I can get around to buying one.  :)
> what exactly are the steps to check out the branch?
> i'm running netbsd 1.6_beta4 ... i only have syssrc (the kernel source)...
> i really dont want to have to download all the source and remake the
> can i check out the branch and just recompile the kernel?

You're fine with just syssrc, cvs the latest code from the
normal branch, then what I do is cvs the sommerfeld_i386mp_1
into another directory. If I want an MP build I mount_union the
MP arch/i386 over the normal branch and build.

Jason has just commited some changes that will break the MP build
but if you apply the arch/i386 diffs from the email he sent out then
it builds okay.