Subject: Re: Different speed CPUs show up as same speed
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 06/13/2002 13:46:20
Thor Lancelot Simon <> writes:
> > Yes there is. The locking protocols on the two processors are not
> > guaranteed to have compatible bugs if the processors aren't the same
> > stepping. I'm pretty surprised that this is working for him --
> That's not true -- there's a large chart available from Intel of which
> steppings are known to work together.

The principle is the same: you can't just pick a pair of processors at
random and expect that they'll work. You need at the very least
compatible steppings.

Having totally different processors is even worse if they support
different registers and instruction extensions, as has been noted.

Perry E. Metzger
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