Subject: input needed - SMP
To: None <>
From: Ajit Anand Shrivastav <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 02/19/2002 09:40:05
=0A =0Ahello,=0AI have got a Linux driver which runs on a uniprocessor mach=
ine.Now I m modifying the driver to port it to SMP system.=0AIn my driver I=
 have an Interrupt handler.It is called extensively in the driver since it =
is an Interrupt driven I/O device.I have some set of global variables. Thes=
e global variables are accessed in the interrupt handler. Since we know tha=
t in SMP system it is possible that the same interrupt handler could be exe=
cuting on multiple processors at the same time.In this case I am required t=
o give protection to those part of code which accesses global variables.Now=
 my question is whether to provide separate Spin lock variable for each and=
 every global variable or not ?=0AIf not then wat is the solution.=0AIf yes=
 then will it affect the system's performance.=0A=0ANeed input as early as =
possible=0A=0AThanx & Regds=0AAjit Shrivastav =0A=0A =0A =0A