Subject: Re: MP kernel still dead-on-arrival
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From: Cosmic 665 <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 11/21/2001 21:51:46
Could this have something to do with CPU's and chipsets?  I've had no 
difficulties with NetBSD I386/SMP using 440BX boards and PII processors.

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>Mark White <> writes:
> > My MP kernel still dies (the machine spontaneously resets)
> > during the bootup phase, at "cpu1: CPU 1 running".  Can
> > anybody suggest why?  The kernel config is below.
>I had this happen constantly, until I fully power cycled the machine.
>From what I can tell, coming up from a cold state makes both of my
>dual boxes work fairly reliably, but if I reboot it from windows or
>from a non-smp kernel things are unstable, and I either get immediate
>reboots when going multiuser (on the dual cellery box) or a crash
>during the multiuser startup scripts (on my dual Athelon XP box)

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