Subject: RE: BP6 + X11 success
To: None <>
From: Roberson, Bill <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 05/09/2001 11:49:16
I was keeping up with current and running GENERIC.MP about a month ago when
I started having problems with KDE 2.1.1. The input focus would get lost and
mouse press events were ignored. I could get it to start working 80% of the
time by changing window panes with the keyboard. Going back to a UP kernel
made the problem go away. I don't know if it was a kernel problem or a KDE
issue. Sadly, now my second CPU is sitting idle.

- bill

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> From: Michael Graff []
> Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 11:33 AM
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> Subject: BP6 + X11 success
> I finally found the time to take the BP6 I had sitting on a shelf and
> stuff it into a case.
> I built a MP kernel (ala GENERIC.MP) and booted it.  It worked the
> first time, without problems other than the USB not working one.
> I recently purchased a Matrox dual head card (g450) and, after
> replacing the xfree driver in our source with the one from Matrox, got
> dual head working without any icky binary drivers.
> So, now my MP box is rather happily being MP, stable, and
> dual-headed.  I'm really rather happy.  :)
> I personally feel it's time to merge the branch onto the mainline, if
> only to get more people testing things.  I know it isn't done, but
> things will happen faster on the branch, and AFAIKT there isn't a lot
> of planning for 1.6 currently.  Perhaps MP can sneak into it :)
> --Michael