Subject: Re: success with iWill DBD-100 motherboard w 2xPIII 650 -:)
To: None <>
From: Sean Doran <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 08/31/2000 01:03:02
| Do you have the USB controller disabled in the bios, or did it just
| fail to configure?

Off in the BIOS - I don't have anything USBish to play with.

| I'm impressed.. all four PCI devices are wired to separate APIC
| interrupts..  (my dual celery winds up wiring all the PCI interrupts
| to two apic lines).

Well, X is running, and I am about to build a new kernel, then I'll
go back and try to make all of userland, while playing MP3s and running
setiathome. -:)

If you hear nothing, it's all working (or up in flames - I had to add 2 fans).