Subject: a milestone achieved: "10 processes: 8 sleeping, 2 on processor"
To: None <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 08/12/2000 11:49:20
In conjunction with a number of others (including Jason Thorpe and
Ross Harvey), I've been continuing to work on multiprocessor support.

I have now reached the point where with my current source base, a "big
lock" multiprocessor kernel will boot and run in single user mode on a
dual celeron system (ABIT BP6), using both processors.

It will, alas, fall over in a minute or two if given significant
load.. make -j2 sometimes manages to stumble through a half dozen
compiles before tripping over a kernel bug..  The changes still need a
whole bunch of debugging, stabilization, and cleanup, but parts of it
will start showing up in -current in the very near future.

Particular thanks should go to Jason Thorpe, for doing a scheduler
data structure rewrite a few months ago (which meant that most of what
I had to do was sprinkle locks in the right places), and to Herb
Peyerl and crew (for producing the PC Weasel 2000 serial console
board, which really made this whole effort possible), and to all the
netbsd folks who have laid the groundwork and encouraged me in this

						- Bill