Subject: Info about SMP HW issues
To: None <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 06/01/2000 10:16:34
I'm looking into designing a dual PPC603e system with the intention of
running NetBSD on it.  For lower cost/performance situations, it will use a
single CPU.  For higher performance deployments, it will use a pair of CPUs.  

I know that NetBSD doesn't support SMP at the moment but as I'm designing
this board, I would like to avoid creating un-needed problems with SMP

My intention is to start with a single CPU system and get NetBSD up and
running, then switch to SMP at a later date.  Since some of my peripheral
chips are not supportted by NetBSD at the moment, I'll have plenty to do
just getting the single CPU version running but I'ld like to avoid
precluding true SMP operation at a later date.

Any HW or SW references to dual (or more :) CPU systems would be
appreciated.  The best would be freely available but a good book or two
would also be great.  Thanks.

Steven G.