Subject: pre-built i386 + MP spinup test kernels now available.
To: None <,>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 02/23/2000 09:49:37

In that directory, you'll find several test kernels and a boot floppy
image set containing the currently HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL x86
multiprocessor spinup support.  If you attempt to put these into
production use, I'll laugh at you.

netbsd-GENERIC.MP       GENERIC.MP kernel, for booting on systems
                        which already have NetBSD installed.
netbsd-INSTALL.MP       compressed INSTALL.MP kernel with install miniroot.
netbsd-HYDRA            Kernel for my ABIT BP6-based development machine.

boot1.fs                boot floppy image (1/2)
boot2.fs                boot floppy image (2/2)

Please send reports of how far these manage to boot on your systems to and/or  

dmesg output from a successful boot (or an unsuccessful boot, for that
matter) would be appreciated.

Known bugs:
        - if the boot processor comes up at APIC id 1, I/O interrupts
	  will fail to work (the fix is trivial, i just haven't gotten to
          it yet).
        - the underlying support needed for pcmcia (and cardbus) interrupt
          allocation and deallocation needs work, so these kernels
	  have pcmcia stripped out.  

Test cases I'm interested in:
	- any motherboard other than a dual-celeron ABIT BP6
	- multiprocessor PII or PIII or XEON
	- multiprocessor Pentium
	- more than 2 processors.
	- more than 1 I/O APIC.
	- older systems with a separate i82489DX APIC instead of the
	  integrated APIC.  

Thanks in advance for your assistance in exposing this code to a wide
variety of hardware.

					- Bill