Subject: Re: SMP-i386 patches updated
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 07/26/1999 12:05:40
Michael Graff wrote:
> If others check off on the patches, I will happily commit them.  :)
> Even though I seem to have a board which doesn't "prime" the CPUs.
> Are there examples of what would need to be done for this case
> anywhere?  What do the other free OSs do here?

When the CPU's are not primed, you have to reset them and
retry the startup IPI. I do have written the code for another
OS so its no big deal.

FreeBSD tries even to start up 486 CPU's, I think Linux resets
the failing CPU(s).


> --Michael
> Stefan Grefen <> writes:
> > I've update the i386 SMP patches to -current (1.4H) today.
> > It still can't start up CPU's, if the BIOS didn't prime them.
> > I'm going to add this code real soon.
> >
> > The diffs are in a comment to PR port-i386/6928.
> > What needs to be done to get this into the tree?
> > My time currently is very limited.
> >
> > Stefan