Subject: Re: MP patches for i386 vs. -current
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 07/18/1999 23:46:52
In message <>  Michael Graff wrote:
> Stefan Grefen <> writes:
> > The patches are against a pre 1.4 system, which system did you
> > compile?
> 1.4G, aka -current.

If I get some time (maybe tuesday), I'll try to compile a current see
whats going on.

> > I haven't tested againt the 'current' current yet (time contraints),
> > but my last cursory look showed that there is a little more work
> > todo.
> If you want the diffs, let me know.  The only real changes are trivial
> ones, but for the lack of spinning up :)

There were some changes where I'm not sure my hack (esp. for mapping the
local apic) still works.

> > I think for some reason sending the IPI to processor 1 failed. As it
> > didn't crash the mapping of the local APIC may have failed.
> I assume this is different from apic* in the config file?
> Also, the mapping of the apic did not fail, at least not in the calls
> to i386_init() or i386_ipi() -- they both returned 0.

They would return 0 if the (re)mapping of the APIC failed (because busy
wouldn't be set :-)) )
I think that maybe the remapping didn't work and there is still the old
RAM-page behind this.

> --Michael

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